2017 – October

This month:

  • I lived in a jungle for almost 2 weeks, left once to go to the beach with others.
    • I would do yoga twice a day
    • I would gather water for my tea ceremony from the local spring
    • I would be woken up by a rooster anywhere between 3 am to 6 am, he would start his morning routine right outside my window and do rounds around other windows. In fact, we were so in sync that once I woke up 3 seconds before he started his morning routine. We bonded.
    • I would learn how to do nothing as I would just sit and wait for people to come talk with me or drink tea.
    • I learned to make Jamu & about the health properties of turmeric.
    • Had one coconut every day.
    • Ate tamarind from a tree.
    • Ate twice a day because I was too cheap to pay 3 euro for a meal. But eventually it helped with yoga practice.
    • Planted rice and walked through a muddy rice paddy with 2 ox plowing it.
    • Chakra danced like there was no one looking.
  • Lived in a house that had 3 walls, overlooking the rice fields. It was weird at first, but at the end, I absolutely dread the feeling of 4 walls.
  • I would practice to be generous, I would give 100k rupiah (6.6 eur) to a lady who lived on the street with 3 kids. She was on the way to yoga. At first, I would deny her begging, but I guess I could not deny that she was homeless, and that she needed to feed her family. I would continue to do so until there were more ladies with her and the kids. So I just started giving them 50k each. Then there was a 3rd lady. So yeah, I was down 10 euro every day. At first, I would think about where else I could spend that 10 euro. I was already not driving because 3 euro a day is to expensive to rent a scooter. Massage is to expensive to spend 5 euro an hour on. After a while of giving, I realized that I’d rather spend it on the homeless ladies every time. I need to work on my relationship with money more.
  • I would perform my tea ceremony with other people, they seemed happy and rooted.
  • Ate twice a day, between 11-13 and 17-19. I heard fasting is good for you. Also helped with morning yoga.

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