2018 – March

I have a really good friend of mine. I mentioned him the story of two palms, I visited him a bit more than half a year later. I found him unchanged much in his ways of thinking. He is still as skeptical as ever. I do not blame him. As I said, I was like that too for many years. Not many things could move me back then. I believe it’s a person’s earnest desire to move on, to realize that there is a problem in the way one leads their life, that moves a person away from the comforts of one’s thoughts. I had my moment when I was listening to my teacher Ajahn Brahm 2 years back. I was open to change, and he (AB) planted a seed that would change my path from a slumbering zombie to awakened giant. It was a transition that lasted 2 and a half years, but I have finally arrived. Arrived to the cornerstone of my future. But this is not a story about me, I should get back to my friend Dario.

I had spent quite a few more nights talking to my friend. I think he now understands the issue with his attitude towards life a bit more. I was trying to pin-point the fact that too much reasoning can be a bad thing. One would think that reasoning is good in any capacity, but alas, a perfect balance is necessary these days to not give into the madness of the world. To stop the indifference to the people of the world who suffer. I am not talking about the poor and hungry though. I am talking about the average Joe. The one who doesn’t thin he has enough money to give to charity because he still has mortgage on the house. The one who passes the beggar on the street just because he can remember how hard he himself had to work in order to get out of the bottom. The one who closes their eyes on the horrors of the world and just moves on as if nothing is happening.The one who has forgotten how to be kind. I am talking about me. I am also talking about you. We have forgotten, and it’s OKey. Admitting it is just the first step to moving forward. The next step is to dig deeper, go on a proper retreat, be in the uncomfortable space of silence with yourself for a while. Figure out what runs the machine underneath. This is the only way to be truly free. I don’t really want to keep harping on this topic, but this is probably the most important thing we can do these days.