The blind man

I always wondered how the end looks like. Before you ask, I am not talking about a glorious death on a journey through the gates of Valhalla. I mean the end of the path. The journey of self liberation / realization / fulfillment. Heck, I’ve been walking for many years now. I believe the journey is best described like this – it feels as if I am a blind man trying to get somewhere where I am not, but definitely better. The only guidance I have are other blind folk walking to the same place, but taking different roads. Every blind person, out of their own reasons, is trying to give suggestions of how to get there. I am blind, so it’s impossible to confirm whether they are there themselves or just saying it to get someone else to suffer with them on the same road. The situation is worsened by the fact that there is no way of knowing where you are, whether you are there, whether you are close or whether the end even exists? The only suggestion is hope and belief.

Some wise blind folk figured out a nice road to take. They say – “hey, don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself! Look this path feels better on the legs while you walk, right?” Yes, I can confirm that I am walking down instead of climbing up. Definitely feels easier. However, does it actually tell me anything about the end?

As for me, I am somewhere along the path. Most sufferings have eased. They are no longer as prominent or as enticing. Who knows where I am or how long is left!? But mostly whether knowing is even going to be a thing ^_^