2017 – November

This month was exciting and full of surprises. This is the second month in Bali, I relocated to a place in Denpasar at the beginning of the month to live with a family of 3. Thank you for your kindness at hosting me Ecko, Diana & Lala.

Without further ado, this month:

  • I lived on island with an active volcano, it also mini-erupted on a few occasions. My flight was very close to getting cancelled.
  • I was bitted by at least 15 mosquitoes every day.
  • The whole month I had cold showers.
  • I learned how to say “bon appetite” in Balinese – “salamat makan”.
  • I had tingling sensations in my extremities which I thought were some sort of diabetic responses to me eating a kilo of fruit every breakfast. I tested my sugar, it was fine. Most likely it was the vitamin B overdose.
  • I made a tea ceremony most days sitting on rocks and staring at a wall.
  • I had my first good meditation, I had to fully relax my body to do it. Posture at that kind of relaxation went to crap. I need to balance it all out.
  • I made a gigantic birthday card for mama Julia, I feel like this is my first present that did not suck as lots of love and effort was put into the present.
  • I traveled on a Go-Jek (scooter taxi) almost every day. Without any accidents.
  • I could buy enough food at the local market to last me a week and a half for 10 euros. This is probably the cheapest place to be very healthy. If I wanted to settle somewhere for a while, this would be it.

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