2017 – December

This month!

  • I met Ajhan Brahmavamso. It has been 2 years, since about October 10th, 2015 where I first heard him talking about reincarnation being proven scientifically. This started my journey of self-discovery in the US, which led my to PSI, which lead me to leaving and traveling. Enormous gratitude to the one who started it all.
  • I was more mindful about what I wanted and was more aware of my surroundings. Which lead me to dumpster diving for some Tupperware containers on my 3rd day in Australia.
  • Virtue. I declined work on a website which content I do not morally support. It was a plastic surgery website targeting women at vulnerable times in their lives.
  • I was sharing, I expressed my journey of meditation to others; it helps.
  • I would listen without needing to speak. I can see my old self trying to create solutions to problems; most people do not need that.
  • I was not courageous, I did not speak out on a talk about the feminine. I was fairly close though, I am just still not confident (doubt) that what I have in my head is worth saying.
  • I am being selfless. I bought 5 bowls to perform a tea ceremony for the family I live with. I will have to donate my clothing to accommodate the new additions.
  • I am generous, instead of working, I donated my time to contribute to questions about development on stackoverflow.
  • I am not diligent. My meditation & tea ceremonies are full of thoughts.
  • The map of desire comes into mind.