Oliver the mooch

Oliver is a nice lad in either his early 20s or late teens. From what I gathered he is finishing school, and wants to start working somewhere. Oliver reminds me of me in my late teens; he does not know what to do with himself, he does not have financial stability, but feels that money would liberate him. In a way, yes, money would liberate Oliver by giving him an opportunity to travel to “Kenya or Egypt”, but at the same time, I do not believe he would learn the necessary lessons of life through those means (ha, means). He has a very kind heart though, he wants to earn a good amount of money, but I see him giving away money when he almost has none. At first, I thought he was like Kenned who had a problem with money and subconsciously wanted to get rid of it, but that was not it. In fact, like the old me, he did not want to be a “mooch”, so he needed to work his way to abundance without accepting any handouts.

I enjoy talking to people who are like me from time to time, they show me how hard my path was when I was a bit younger. They show me how strong I am and how tough it was to come to some of the realizations I had made. This particular lesson was taught to me by my American parents. They housed and fed me for 3 years after my period of homelessness in college. A year after college I broke up after a long relationship and they housed and fed me for another 2 years. They also took care of me even after I was made whole and abundant. Can you imagine how much guild and debt I felt all these years?

  • I had to learn that at some points I will need accept help. If you are like me this is the one you learn when you are in the lowest moments of your life. I suggest not waiting until that point.
  • I needed to learn that after I am made whole, I can create abundance that I can share with the world without any limitations.
  • I had to learn that I do not need to repay these kind of debts directly as the debt is beyond what I can ever repay. When you are that low in your life and someone helps you, the timelines of that help is priceless, not the act or value itself.
  • I had to learn the lesson of receiving not because I needed it, but because it made my parents whole. As an example, if someone is giving you a gift from their heart, please do not reject it, even if you do not need it. A lot of the time you are rejecting someone’s kindness. It helps them fulfilling something inside them, it’s not about you. In a way, you are giving by taking.
  • Money is not the only way of giving to people, it’s just a way we were taught from our childhood. Give by connecting with people and providing services. You can, without limitation, go knock on people’s doors and offer your help for lodging or food. There will be ones who will not trust you, but there will be ones who will be more than happy to open their hearts to you. Don’t limit yourself by thinking in monetary terms.

At the end of it all, I told him that some people have abundance in their heart, just like Oliver giving away money when he has none. And that’s a balance in life of sorts, people will be on the bottom and they will not be able to provide for themselves at the time. There will also be people on the top who have a lot to give, but no one to give to or no one who would accept it. I just think we all need to learn to not only give when we “made it”, but also to receive.

P.S I am not denying that there are no people who genuinely “mooch”, but the problem is not them, it’s our money oriented society. This gentleman here who lives without money has a good explanation on why this is so.

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