Konstantin the forgetful

This is a short story that happened to me in the airport of Taiwan. This was just after my tea retreat with my teacher WuDe. As a precursor to the story, I meditated at the retreat 3 hours a day for 7 days straight before this. So I am standing in the airport line to check in my luggage. There is a line of at least 20 people. As I stand there, I have this moment where I feel like something is off. So I decide to slow down, get rid of all my thoughts and meditate for a moment or two. A few seconds later, I have this thought of my Swiss army pocket knife I’ve had since childhood. I don’t really know why I have this thought. I am pretty sure I did not pack it in my backpack for the retreat, or had I? Almost automatically I reach into my, carry on mind you, backpack to the exact compartment (which I never use) it is at. I was very close to losing that knife to security.

I am not alluding to anything paranormal here. I am just merely reflecting on how much useless things are going through my mind and how slowing down helps bring focus to things which are important. Reminder for myself, take the time in the day to slow down, reflect on my progress and state of being.

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